First Grade/Core A Supplement List

I am trying to be more deliberate this year about coming up with extra, fun stuff to do at home…for difficult weeks, sick days, rainy afternoons-really any time when we are feeling uninspired or need something different.

I wrote up a list for Rose first-because first grade is so easy and fun to plan! I might add to it over time, but right now it uses mostly stuff we already own or can get at the library. My first grade plans are here.

**My First Grade Extras List**

    Anything to do with Little House

      •  The books, of course: We will re-read Little House in the Big Woods for Core A. We might read Little House on the Prairie and Farmer Boy again and I definitely want to read On the Banks of Plum Creek. We will save the other books until she’s a bit older. 
      • This website has some recipes that would be fun to try.
      • Paper Dolls-I got these for her last year and she has so much fun with them! 
      • Watch Little House- I have never seen a single episode!

         Math Fun
        • Pattern Blocks

            Science Extras

            More Literature

            We will be reading lots of stuff for Core A, of course, but just in case we need extra ideas, I made up this list.

            • Sequels to any of the Core A books – Lots of the books (like My Father’s Dragon, Boxcar Children, and Beezus and Ramona) are part of a series.
            • Lots and lots of fairy tales! 

            Misc. Stuff