Fourth Grade Plans

James will be in fourth grade come fall! Here is my plan for him, always subject to change, though I’m hoping to stick to it!

Literature & History

  • Bookshark’s American History Part 1- I already own Sonlight Core D, and I was planning to update my Instructor Guide anyway because I wanted to use the revised Landmark History spine.  So I decided to get the Bookshark IG while I was at it.  Just a few of the books we will be reading….


    Language Arts


        • Writing with Ease Level 3– James did WWE Level 1, but we never did 2 or 3. I am using Level 3 instead of 4 because he has never done dictation and I think he could use some more summarizing help.


           I really waffled on grammar, but I already own the teacher book for this program so I only need a new workbook, making this a very cost-effective choice.  I debated starting him back a level because he hasn’t had any grammar so far, but after looking over the books I think he will do just fine starting at grade level. There is a lot of review built-in.


                      Sonlight Science DThis year is all about Biology, Taxonomy, and Human Anatomy.  A few of the books we will be covering….

                           I also have the optional Lyrical Life Science volumes 1 & 2 on hand, so we will include that as well.
                          • Lively Latin 1– He started LL1 this year, but we had to drop it part way through because he still has trouble with a lot of written work. I hope to pick it back up sometime during fourth grade.


                            And I think that’s it!