Finished-and Started!

Two books recently finished up in our homeschool, plus one new book started…

Christopher finished his History of Rome book for Lively Latin Level One. Throughout this program he has been reading about Roman history, and every so often he has been asked to make a page to add to his own History of Rome book. Since we moved through this level at a very relaxed pace he has been working on this little history book for over two and a half years!

So it was super exciting to reach that last page and staple the whole thing together!

 Here is one of the very first pages in his book…the idea is for the child to draw a picture that goes with each heading and then write a caption underneath….

It is neat to see his drawing style change as he gets older…he’s a boy, and the pictures definitely reflect that;)….

And one of the very last pages of his book…he has really gotten into drawing comics lately….

He has just a few worksheets left to go to finish up Lively Latin, so I’m sure that will be featured in a “finished” post soon!

Next up, Rose finished Developing the Early Learner! She really enjoyed this series of four books. We did them as scheduled in Sonlight Core P 4/5 and they have been one of the most enjoyable parts of our year! I reviewed the series here.

One of her last pages involved arranging strips puzzle-fashion to make this picture, which she wanted me to help her color (I colored the small balloon:))…..

Of course, she immediately wanted to know if there was a Developing the Early Learner 5! Unfortunately, there is not. But I did get her started on Explode the Code Book 1, which she enjoyed. Here she is doing the first several pages: the “Consonant Pretest”. She found and colored the pictures that began with each letter.

She was very proud that she could do the first few pages all by herself.She also seems to like the idea of using the book for handwriting practice too, so we’ll see how that goes!