Planning for next school year is officially underway, though finding time to do it as the kids head into another busy summer week has been difficult.

 My master list:

1. Make up a calendar to follow – done!

2. Finish deciding all curriculum and place orders – done!

3. Decide how often each subject will be done – done!

4.  Purchase supplies – this year we need new pencils, folders, notebooks and notebook paper, binders, and some art supplies – done!

5. Come up with a routine for our day, including what subjects to focus on each day and how school work can fit into the rest of our life – in progress

6.  Sign up for extracurriculars and fit those into our routine, add all dates (practices, special events, first and last days, etc…) to calendar – in progress

7.  Clean off shelves and restock with this year’s books.

8. Set up a crate for our math block and our language art block. I’m trying out a different daily routine with these subjects, more on that soon.

9. Make up weekly checklists for the first week.

10. Start! I am planning to start our new year next Monday, but we’ll see how it goes.