June Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons… here are some plans and random thoughts for June a few days late!

Special Dates to Celebrate

*June 11th ~ The Belmont Stakes*

We have been keeping up with the big horse races this year, so we’ll be watching this, the final race of the Triple Crown.
*June 14th ~ Flag Day*

We don’t normally “celebrate” this day, but this year I am planning to make a flag cake.
*June 19th ~ Father’s Day*
A day all about Dad; today usually involves some gifts, some grilling, and some outdoor fun. 
*June 20th ~ Summer Solstice*

I am thinking this would be a good day for a nice summery dessert – maybe strawberry shortcake (it’s also the full Strawberry Moon)? 
Or homemade ice cream?
We also celebrate Rose’s birthday this month; she is turning 8!!

Things to Notice and Do This Month

  • Pick strawberries and make shortcake & strawberry freezer jam
  • Take time to admire the flowers this month – especially the peonies and rhododendrons, which both look so nice right now
  • Plant flowers. I don’t go overboard with flower gardens, but I like to plant a new perennial or two and get a hanging basket of geraniums for the porch
  • Enjoy the birdsong that starts so very early in the morning
  • Watch for fireflies on warm nights
  • Keep an eye out for nesting birds in the yard – right now we have a phoebe nest tucked under our swingset
  • Enjoy rhubarb, arugula, and garlic scapes from the garden…plus our farm share begins!
  • Submit year-end reports to school district 
  • Have backyard fires and make s’mores
  • Finish up schoolwork for the year!
  • Go out for ice cream at every opportunity
  • Make a list of things we want to do this summer – and start doing them!
Happy June!