August Memory Making

In keeping with my resolution to be more thoughtful and organized when it comes to celebrating the seasons… here are some plans and random thoughts for August ~ one of my very favorite months.

Special Dates to Celebrate

*August 5th – 21st ~ 2016 Summer Olympics*

We are especially looking forward to the equestrian, diving, and gymnastics…lots of DVR-ing will be going on as we attempt to keep up with even a small part of it.
*August 11th-12th ~ Perseid Meteor Showers peak*

We have had fun watching this meteor shower the past couple of years – it does involves staying up late or getting up well before dawn, but it is always worth it (though not easy to do at the time!).
*August 18th ~ Full Green Corn Moon*

It’s always nice to notice when the moon is full!

Things to Notice and Do This Month

  • Declutter the kids bedrooms ~ we started this in June, but have not made much progress! I would love to start the new school year with neater bedrooms, so I’m going to try to make it happen.
  • Declutter and organize our school shelves; note supplies needed & stock up
  • Begin any nitty-gritty planning needed for the new homeschool year.  Complete curriculum orders and decide on a rough schedule for our week, including outside activities and time for errands and appointments.
  • Sign up for fall activities 
  • Refresh chore charts
  • Backyard campfires – make s’mores!
  • Go blueberry picking and make a blueberry pie
  • Try to get to the lake as much as possible; maybe even visit the ocean if we can work it in
  • Tomatoes are finally in season!
  • Zucchini is everywhere – make zucchini bread and zucchini chocolate cake
  • Enjoy these last few weeks of summer

Happy August!!