Monday Musings

For the week of November 20th….Happy Thanksgiving week to you!

A few plans for the week

Our last farm share pickup of the season:: our usual round-up of activities which currently includes archery, rock climbing team, dance, Spanish at the community college, and riding lessons:: Thanksgiving dinner:: going to see A Christmas Carol performed at a local theater. 
Homeschool notes
My youngers will mostly have this week off, my olders have some catch-up to do, especially in math and science. I plan to do virtual field trips of Plimoth Plantation and the Wampanoag homesite with Rose and whoever else is interested. And, speaking of virtual field trips, I just signed up for a free 2-week trial of Field Trip Zoom.  I wasn’t sure if live, virtual field trips would work with our internet, but so far so good! We watched one pre-recorded field trip about rocket launches and one live one about the siege of Vicksburg and both worked well. I’m super excited about this resource and will share more about it after we’ve used it for a bit. 
Out of doors
It’s chilly and occasionally raining. It snowed (lightly) for the first time last week which had everyone super excited. Rose has been putting our decorative pumpkins out in the neglected vegetable garden as they get squishy, hoping to grow a volunteer pumpkin patch next spring. 
In the kitchen
 We made cranberry bread ~ my favorite recipe from Cranberry Thanksgiving, of course. I ordered my fruitcake mix from King Arthur Flour and while I was at it I picked up a couple  tea loaf pans. I used them the first time for the cranberry bread and I just adore them. The bread came out cleanly and I think the slices are just the right size. 

Watching, reading, crafting
Our current without-the-kids show is Wolf Hall. With the kids, we have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies (we try to watch one each weekend) and Rose watched The Nutcracker and Mathtacular while she was sick…we have had a mild, strange virus come through this week. I am currently reading through A Series of Unfortunate Events with James and it is so much fun (if a bit dark)! Rose is loving the book Rump and she has also taken up cross-stitching, which she adores. 

Have a wonderful week!