Monday Musings

For the week of November 28th….

A few plans for the week
Our usual roundup of sports and outside classes :: adding a second ballet class and a contemporary dance class to Rose’s dance schedule ~ plus she has her first performance this weekend ~ so much excitement! :: a trip to the vet for a cat check-up :: going to see The Underwater Bubble Show with my girls
Noticing the season ~ some things I’d like to do this week
Watch The Rockefeller Tree Lighting on television :: get our Christmas tree :: make a batch of Christmas cookies :: set up the Christmas book basket :: listen to Christmas music in the car on our way here and there :: have cranberry orange pancakes on the weekend :: light the first Advent candle :: start our Advent calendars :: decorate the house :: start amaryllis bulbs
Homeschool notes
We’ve been on a light schedule the past couple of weeks, this week we’re back to our regular routine ~ at least for a couple of weeks. I’m starting a new read-aloud with Rose, The Secret of the Sealed Room, and continuing to read The Silver Branch with James. Grace is hard at work finishing up her first dual enrollment class ~ she has just a few weeks left. Dual enrollment has been a great experience for her and she’ll be taking two classes in the spring. I plan to row The Salamander Room with Rose ~ this may be our last Five in a Row book! We have done all the books we could from the first three volumes and I am not sure if we will continue on with Volume 4, mainly because we don’t own it and it’s expensive.  We “rowed” several books from Volume 3 recently that I never got around to taking pictures of….mostly because our rows lately have been very simple. We’ve  just focused on enjoying each book and discussing things from the FIAR manual. So we haven’t been doing as many of the hands-on things that lend themselves to photographs! But I do plan to do a post about our row of The Salamander Room when we finish in a couple of weeks.
Out of doors
We spent time winterizing the yard this past weekend ~ things like taking in the outdoor furniture, storing the grill, taking apart the trampoline…so we’re ready for snow now! But, I won’t be disappointed if it waits a bit.
In the kitchen
My two girls are vegetarian as of a few months ago and we are finally finding a new weekday kitchen groove. Once a week we do a vegetarian chili night,  but I do it different ways. Sometimes we have it straight up, with black olives, cheese, and avocado on top. Other times we serve it over corn chips (my boys favorite) or on top of spaghetti. Another night is “quick pasta” night ~ this recipe for broccoli fettucine alfredo is a current fave!
Watching & reading
We started off our Christmas movie watching season with A Christmas Story and continue to watch Lost Season Two with our older three. I’m currently reading The Child after finishing The River at Night (which was a quick read for me, but I didn’t love in the end).  I am really, really looking forward to reading Christmas picture books this week!
I have posts in the works about our fourth–grade art program and First Form Latin, so I’ll be back soon…. have a wonderful week!