Homeschool Photo Journal

Just a few photos from our last week of homeschool life…

An easy jelly roll, a.ka. “Lincoln log”, for Lincoln’s birthday! We also attended a wonderful virtual field trip about Lincoln with Field Trip Zoom. I highly recommend this resource! This month we have also done virtual field trips focusing on the American Revolution and Mars, and I am looking forward to sitting down sometime this week and picking a few to do for March.

One of our read-alouds right now is The Hidden Treasure of Glaston ,one of my favorite read-alouds from BookShark World History 1.

For fourth grade memory work…Rose memorized (most of!) the Gettysburg Address and is quite proud. I got her an illustrated picture book version and she just read it to herself once a day until she had it down. She loves memorizing things and I have been using The Well-Trained Mind suggestions for history memory work for her this year. Now she is working on memorizing the American presidents with a set of flashcards (these are available from Rainbow Resource, but Christian Book has the most up-to-date set).

Also with my fourth-grader, we just started using Maestro Classics. She had listened to all of the Classical Kids CD’s several times so we needed something new. I have been listening with her and these are great! We chose to start with Swan Lake. I will hopefully do a little review of these soon, maybe after we finish our next one, Peter and the Wolf.

She and I are also working our way through TOPS Radishes. This is my second (or maybe third?) time through this curriculum and it is a family favorite. You do need to commit to doing it every day for nearly a month (they give you a schedule to follow) but it is so engaging for the kids and well worth the time. We have radishes growing everywhere and we’re both learning so much! She started by sprouting 20 radish seeds in a juice carton. She used those to track growth rates and learn about the different stages of the sprouts.

She’s also been doing experiments such as finding out what happens when some plants get more light than others….the yellow plants sprouted under foil while the green had exposure to sunlight – quite a difference!

This week, we also made some easy paper lanterns. We made these for Chinese New Year, but they’d make a fun decoration any time.


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