Meal Planning for Homeschool Families

We are all set to start our new homeschool year towards the end of this week — I am super excited, my kids maybe not quite as much;).

Want to see our plans for this year? Click here!

We spent some time this week getting ready for our new year. It is super important to me to try to be as organized as I can this year, because we have so much going on….among other things:

Sports — sooo many sports & outside classes – I wouldn’t have it any other way, but it does mean we need to be quite organized to get stuff done!

Home construction — we started adding some bedroom space over the summer (and by “we”, I mean the people we hired) and while I was hoping it would be over and done before we started school, it — isn’t. So we will be homeschooling to the tune of drywall sanding and nail guns.

My new job — I’m so excited to be joining the staff at Brave Writer this fall! I’m teaching The Writer’s Jungle Online class.

So anyway, back to the organization. I did a whole bunch of stuff this week to get myself feeling ready. Or, more ready anyway. Here, I’m going to share my meal plan for the whole month of September!

Yes, really. At the risk of sounding like a total braggart, I am so gosh-darn impressed with myself for doing this.

Meal planning is my nemesis. With six people in the house and crazy-busy schedules, planning our meals is a must, but it’s a real pain to do every week. I had the idea of just doing it once a month and having it done. I got the kids involved and assigned them a couple nights to cook, too.

I assigned “themes” for each day of the week, based on what we’ll be doing. Then, I just plugged in some matching meals on a printable calendar page and had the kids fill in their nights. We used erasable pens so we can adjust as necessary, because obviously, plans will change!

FYI, I adore these erasable pens — they have totally changed my life.


So here are the themes we came up with and what we’re going to make!

  • Monday ~ My oldest (who happens to be vegetarian!) will cook
    • Pineapple tofu fried rice
    • Tofu tikka masala
    • Chickpea cauliflower gyros
  • Tuesday — Quick sandwich or pasta night
    • Turkey, cranberry, stuffing sandwiches
    • Eggplant or meatball subs
    • Lasagna (made ahead and popped in the fridge)
    • Fettucine-Broccoli Alfredo
  • Wednesday  — Crockpot (mostly) chili 
  • Thursday — Take along dinner (My youngest has a late gymnastics practice, so I got her a thermos and plan to make something she can take along with her)
  • Friday — My boys will cook
  • Saturday — Burgers-on-the-grill
  • Sunday — Sunday dinner
    • Grilled pizza
    • Grilled brats/sausages
    • Homemade lobster rolls
    • Thanksgiving-in-the-smoker ~ we smoke a turkey breast, then serve with fixings

One other thing I did — I put the meal plan in a folder and added in print-outs of any online recipes. I hate trying to follow a recipe from my phone!

So, that’s it! A whole month of meals planned in under an hour!

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