Homeschool Wrap-Up Week 1

We officially started back to homeschool this week — although we really only did Thursday and Friday, so it wasn’t a full week. Things went pretty well! We definitely did not finish everything on my rather ambitious list, but we made a solid start on things. The kids aren’t terribly thrilled, but I think it’s nice to be back in a routine — and we tend to spend more time together when we are actively homeschooling.

I’m hoping to post a weekly wrap-up most weeks to share a few highlights of the week — so here we go with Week 1!

2018-2019 Homeschool Year Week One

I’ve missed reading aloud all summer! I have to build up my throat muscles again though —they got a little weak from their summer off! Our first two read-alouds for BookShark American History 2 (which my 5th grader is using) are Moccasin Trail and William Wilberforce. She’s reading By the Great Horn Spoon on her own, and she’s almost finished with it already. She’s my bookworm!

And here are our first two read-alouds for BookShark World History 2 (which my 8th grader is using).  Secret of the Andes I have read several times aloud already, but it’s a good one! And then he was going to read Kingfisher, plus Story of the World Vol. 3, and The King’s Fifth to himself this week — but he is finding Kingfisher a bit of a slog, so I’m going to read that one with him too.


Our foreign language studies got off to a slow start, but we got going on Latina Christiana (5th) and First Start French (5th & 8th). I’m sure I’ve said this before, but man do I love Memoria Press for foreign language! Everything is so easy to use and so streamlined. It really makes it doable for me, since I definitely have no talent in this area!

Latina is super easy for my 5th grader right now, because she already knows the whole first lesson from doing Prima Latina last year. We had fun with the French program today, too. My 8th grader was set on learning French instead of Spanish like my other two, and I hesitantly decided to go ahead with that. Then my 5th grader wanted in too, because she does ballet and wants to understand all the French words….so here we are with lots of language study going on!

Other things we did in our homeschool this week:

  • Dissected a perch for Apologia Biology (10th) — he’s working on finishing up this program from last year. I have been truly amazed at how much less “icky” dissection is to me now than it was in high school. I’m guessing it’s a result of having kids and all the gross aspects that can and do go along with that??


  • Began The History of the Ancient World (10th) and the study guide that goes with it. I think it’s going to be a good fit for him, and the study and teaching guide makes it so do-able — I even have the answers to use when we discuss! We aren’t using the guide as written, but tweaking it a bit. More on that after we’ve gotten used to it for a few weeks!


  • Spent many hours trying to figure out how to trap and remove a red squirrel that has decided that the space above our garage is an excellent winter home. We got a trap, which apparently he is too smart for. Then the kids spent several hours over the week trying to design their own trap/modify the existing one to make it work. No luck, but I’m counting all that experimentation as science! And we have a new trap on the way to us.


  • Started Your Business Math — possibly the curriculum I am most excited about using this year! The basic idea is to have each kid set up and run a pretend business. Today, they worked on coming up with names and logos for their stores. I have one doing the Pet Store and two doing the Sports Store version.


  • Started art — Friday is going to be art day this year. Two kids (8th & 10th) are doing woodworking, and my youngest (5th) requested calligraphy. For that, she is using Calligraphy for Kids by Eleanor Winters, and so far, it’s a hit!

I’ll be back next week with highlights from the rest of Week 1 —since I’ve decided that we are going to spread our Week 1 work over two weeks to help us ease into things. Thanks for stopping by!

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