A Review of the Timeline Game

We’ve been trying to include more games in our homeschool this year. We typically try to play a game or two on Friday (and some on the weekend, too!).With the holidays fast approaching, I’m planning to up the amount of time we spend gameschooling — my goal is to play one game each school day. Lofty, I know!

Up for review today is a new-to-us game this homeschool year: Perspective: the Timeline Game.

Unfortunately, I can’t locate this game to link to on Amazon. I purchased our copy from Rainbow Resource Center for around $20: The Timeline Game

Okay, here we go!

The Basics

  • 2-8 players
  • Manufacturer recommends ages 12+, but my 10 year-old regularly joins us. There are two sets of cards — one easy, one more challenging.
  • A typical game takes around 20 minutes to play, but it varies based on number of players. We’ve had games as short as 5 minutes— others as long as 45 minutes.

How To Play

Everyone gets six event cards. These are simple cards made from heavier paper — I do wish they were laminated or otherwise a bit more structured, because they are hard to shuffle. But, I will say, they have held up well so far.

Each card has a person or event on the front and a date on the back (no peeking!).

Each card is also color-coded to fit into one of the four timelines on the game board:

  • Ancient
  • Middle
  • Modern
  • 20th Century

On your turn, you simply roll the die and follow the instructions. On each turn, you will play a card.

Unless you lose your turn!

To play a card, you set it on the corresponding timeline where you think it fits best in relation to the cards already there.

This is easier to do when there aren’t many cards on the board!

After a while, the board fills up and things get challenging!

If you think one of your fellow players misplayed a card, you get to challenge them by checking the date relative to one other other card. If you are right, you get to give them one of your cards.

Play continues until one player runs out of cards.

To wrap-up, you flip all of the cards over and fix any that were not placed correctly. We always have at least a few, and it’s fun to see what we got right!

Perspective the Timeline Game is an easy, fun way to review history — I especially love it for my older kids who have been through the 4-year history cycle a couple of times.

It’s a nice refresher on what happened when, and most importantly, it’s FUN!

This one’s a keeper in our house!

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