Fifth Grade Homeschool Plans

My fifth grade homeschool plans for James….



     Literature & History



      Language Arts

               Foreign Language

                    • Beginning Spanish (or French if he prefers, either way, very casually) with Duolingo

                    Art & Music


                    Second Grade Homeschool Plans

                    This is my first in a series of four curriculum plan posts for next year….Rose’s second grade year.

                    Language Arts 


                        Literature, History, & Science

                          Art & Music

                          more than halfway

                          Most of my kiddos hit week 21 of our 36-week year this week. They are behind in some things, ahead in others, but on average week 21 is the week we are working on. This is the first year that I planned most subjects out week-by-week and it has been really great. It took some time over the summer to set up, but it will take even less time this summer since I am used to doing it. Having that plan in place has saved me so much time this year, plus it helps keep me on track when I am tempted to slack off. Basically, I just set up a spreadsheet with a row for each week and plugged in lesson numbers for math, writing, grammar, logic….whatever I hoped we would accomplish each week. I also plugged in Book Shark weeks, which don’t match up with the week we are currently working on because, except for Rose, we didn’t start with week 1 of Book Shark at the start of the year. Months ago I said that I would do a post on how I set up our 36-week plan, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Soon!

                          I updated our curriculum page to better reflect what we are actually doing. I was surprised to find that very few updates were needed because we have not had to drop or change a lot of things.

                          A few mid-year updates….

                          Rose (6): We dropped Song School Latin shortly before the holidays, because she wasn’t very interested. She has been asking about it lately so we may start again, but it isn’t a priority right now. The only other changes we have made are in the math department. Rightstart B was just not working for her (too  many bits and pieces), so I switched her to Math Mammoth. We finished MM 1A, then I decided to try MiquonMM just wasn’t too interesting for either of us and she wasn’t getting any of that strong “math sense” that I think my other three picked up from Rightstart. I have high hopes for Miquon and will definitely do a blog post on it once we’ve had a chance to get acquainted with the program. She is flying through Bookshark K, because the readings are light and she always wants to do more. I think we will finish with that by the end of March. 

                          James (9): He finished up Math Mammoth 4a, then switched to Teaching Textbooks 5. Math has been a bit of a struggle for him this year. He did okay with Math Mammoth, as far as comprehension goes, but he definitely wasn’t enjoying math. I probably would have stuck with MM, but we already had TT5 and I suspected he would do just fine with it.  He has done 10 lessons so far and he wants to do math first every day, which is a bit of a shocker.  We stopped Life of Fred for awhile because the division chapter was confusing to him. We will pick the series back up once he covers long division in TT. He finished up the level of Dr. Funster’s that he was working on, but I don’t plan on having him do any more logic this year.

                          Christopher (12): He started out the year doing  “science kit science” a la The Well-Trained Mind, but he missed reading science books and I had trouble finding good kits for his age. We tried the Young Scientist kits but were not impressed at all. Plus science kits are just plain expensive for what you get! I ordered Book Shark Science 5 for him (the equivalent of Sonlight Science F) and he has been enjoying that. He likes having the books to pore over and the illustrations to study and it is a fairly easy science to implement. I am hoping that Book Shark will release the next science level in time for him to use it next year.  Life of Fred: Fractions was getting too confusing for him, so we dropped it for awhile. He is still doing Teaching Textbooks 6

                          Grace (14): We haven’t changed anything so far. She finished Greek Code Cracker and started Galore Park’s Greek and she is doing fine with that. She also finished Latin for Children B and has moved onto  Latin Alive. She is doing well with both; thankfully she has taken on the job of learning these languages entirely by herself, because I am totally clueless!

                          And I think that is it as far as changes and updates so far!

                          Eighth Grade Plans

                          My eighth grade plans are the last in the line-up. If you are interested, you can also see my plans for my first-grader, my fourth-grader, and my sixth grader.

                          Grace has a good deal of overlap with her brother as always, since they have been sharing Sonlight Cores for a few years.

                          Grade 8 Curriculum 

                          Literature & History


                            Language Arts



                              Analytical Grammar Set | Main photo (Cover)



                                She requested “high school level science” this year, starting with biology, so our line-up includes:
                                • Miller-Levine Biology – I ordered the textbook, Lab Manual A, and the teacher’s lab manual from Pearson. There is also an interactive ibook version of the textbook, which last I checked was only about $15, so we may add that in.

                                • Source readings- She is going to do source readings as suggested in The Well-Trained Mind. I had her look through the list in the book and choose a few. I doubt she will get through all of them-some look like tough reading! She chose De Rarum Natura (Lucretius), Natural History (Pliny), Origin of Species (Darwin), and Silent Spring (Rachel Carson).




                                    Critical Thinking Book One    Critical Thinking Book Two


                                      Grace is really into foreign languages and wanted to add Greek this year. I am not sure how that will go, as she also wants to continue Latin and Spanish.We are starting with a gentle introduction to the Greek alphabet, plus continuing with the next levels of the Latin and Spanish programs she did last year.


                                      Art, Music, Etc.

                                      I think that’s it! We are planning to start up on Monday and I will hopefully do a post at some point over the year on each of the programs we are using.

                                        Sixth Grade Plans

                                        I think I finally have my sixth grade plans for Christopher together! There will be quite a bit of overlap between his curriculum and his older sister’s, but  hers will be posted separately later on.

                                        Grade 6 Curriculum

                                        Literature & History



                                          Language Arts




                                                Analytical Grammar Set | Main photo (Cover)

                                                He will be doing logic-stage science WTM-style this year. I haven’t worked out every detail, but we will be starting with Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method, then doing science kits per interest. I’ll post more info later.


                                                Math 6 Teaching Textbook

                                                • Life of Fred Mineshaft, Fractions, and Decimals & Percents (or whatever he can get through)


                                                  Critical Thinking Book One    Critical Thinking Book Two


                                                  • Latin for Children A– he finished Lively Latin 1 last year, but I think a year to solidify and review would be helpful, so we are starting with Level A rather than B.

                                                    • Rosetta Stone Spanish-we dropped this towards the end of last year because he was getting too frustrated by it. We will pick it back up if he is able. 

                                                    Art, Music, Etc.

                                                    And I think that’s it!!

                                                          Kindergarten, Next Year

                                                          I cannot believe it, but it is apparently true…..My “baby” will be a kindergartner this coming fall!

                                                          The kids have been telling Rose for the past few months that once she turns five, she needs to start school. I can’t remember ever telling her that, but I do think it is probably a bit hard to see someone dancing through the house, loudly playing, singing,  and making a ruckus while you are trying to do your math! I think they are all kind of looking forward to her having a bit of her own work to do!

                                                          So, on to our plans.  I find K super-fun to teach so I have to hold myself back to avoid overplanning. I already own most of Sonlight’s P 4/5 Core so that will be our base. I did not buy the Instructor Guide when I last did this Core with James, but this time around I am planning to get it. I don’t think we will be following the exact daily schedule, but I like the idea of having a loose plan and a few easy activities on hand for her each week. I am also planning on adding in the Grade K Language Arts, handwriting, and a simple introduction to math. 

                                                          We will be using most of the P 4/5 list, as follows. I noted where I will be subbing or omitting things.  I tried to keep the subjects in the same order as the Sonlight catalog for easier following!

                                                          *Beginning Social Studies/World Cultures*

                                                           New Toes For Tia and The Gods Must be Angrywe will substitute Miss Rumphius and Ox Cart Man, suggestions from Ambleside Online Year 0
                                                           Stories From Africa– we will be substituting a few fun picture books set in Africa:

                                                          Then and Now
                                                          Things People Do


                                                          Skipping this year

                                                          *Read-Alouds & Poetry*
                                                           American Tall Tales
                                                           Children’s Book of Virtues
                                                           A Child’s Book of Art
                                                          The Classic Tales of Brer Rabbit
                                                          The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit
                                                          Eric Carle’s Animals, Animals

                                                          The Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book
                                                          The Milly, Molly, Mandy Storybook
                                                          Stories From Around the World 
                                                          Mother Goose Rhymes
                                                          Uncle Wiggily’s Storybook

                                                          *Learning Readiness & Language Arts*

                                                          • Developing the Early Learner Books 1-4
                                                          • Dr. Seuss’s ABC
                                                          • Usborne’s First Thousand Words

                                                          Next, we will add in Language Arts K  as follows....

                                                          • Fun Tales– we also have BOB books on hand to supplement with
                                                          • Language and Thinking for Young Children
                                                          • My First Picture Dictionary
                                                          • Alphabet Sounds Bingo
                                                          • Go A to Z gamewe will use another alphabet Go Fish! game we already own

                                                          Optional Resources Sonlight recommends……

                                                          • Sound CardsIt seems these are color versions of the black and white cards included with the LA guide. We already own a color set of alphabet flashcards so I think those will do instead.
                                                          • Explode the Code Books A-C. We own The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading and I used it with my three older kids…but this year I need something different so we’ll be going with SL’s suggestion!
                                                          • Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting- We will start using Level A of this series, along with this Kindergarten Handwriting Kit
                                                          *Science and Nature Reading*

                                                          Berenstain Bear’s Book of Science and Nature
                                                          How Do You Lift a Lion?
                                                          How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the World
                                                          Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?
                                                          What’s Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew? 
                                                          What’s Under the Sea?
                                                          Why Do Tigers Have Stripes?
                                                          The Year at Maple Hill Farm

                                                          Singapore Essentials A and B plus math storybooks from the library. For hands-on, we have a set of wood pattern blocks, and I plan to get a set of pattern block cards, like these to go with them. I am also considering the first level of Mathtacular for her because she LOVES the Sonlight science DVD’s.

                                                          You can go here for descriptions and purchase links for the books. I usually compare prices at Amazon, Sonlight, and Rainbow Resource and make up my order accordingly! Of course, Sonlight also sells packages for each Core, which would be very convenient, but I usually own too many of the books already to make them cost-effective.

                                                          I think it’s pretty impressive just how much is covered with this Core! It is meant to be the Pre-K Core for Sonlight, but this will be the second time I have used it as a Core for kindergarten, and I am really looking forward to reading all the great books again!