Homeschool Round-Up

A weekly round-up of things we’ve been doing lately in our homeschool!

Making Mexican wedding cookies for lesson 6 of La Clase Divertida Level 1  ~ my 9 year old and I are having so much fun with this program! It is a very gentle, engaging introduction to Spanish and I plan to do a little review of it in the upcoming weeks.


Growing amaryllis bulbs ~ we start these every year around Christmas-time and it is fun to watch them grow each day. We grew two pink and two red bulbs this year. They staggered themselves very nicely, one opening up as another faded, so we’ve had several weeks of color.


Trying out new magazines ~ I subscribed to a couple of new magazines for the kids and the first issues came this week. We have loved Muse for years; Faces and Cricket are new to us. All are available from Cricket Media.

Rowing books ~ Rose and I are finishing up our last book of Five in a Row Volume 3. I asked her if she wanted to stop there, since I thought she might be outgrowing it….her answer was a very emphatic “no!”, so volume 4 and the first three books we need are on the way.

Starting new read-alouds ~ I am reading aloud from two levels of BookShark this year. For BookShark World History 1, I am reading A Single Shard. And from BookShark American History 1, I am reading Johnny Tremain.

Playing games ~ We played the Escape the Room game I got the kids for Christmas. It was so much fun, I am planning to order another. If you haven’t tried these, I highly recommend them. They are a one-time game ~ you get a set time limit to solve the puzzle. Once you “escape the room” you can’t play again because you know all the answers.


A few other things we did:

  • Watched The 33 with the kids ~ this is a great movie. It’s rated PG-13 but my 9 year old had no problems with it and the ending is a happy one. Highly recommend. We also went to see The Last Jedi and Coco and loved both.
  • Attended two virtual field trips (geology and astronomy) through Field Trip Zoom
  • Started preparing for the National Mythology Exam

Thanks so much for stopping by my new space! To celebrate, and because Escape the Room is a “play it once” type game, I am planning to give away our copy to a reader of the blog in a few days. Stay tuned!